Tuesday 3 April 2012

Wild Asparagus

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to come into possession of some wild asparagus (thank you to the very generous @Vinosity).
It's much like the asparagus that you find in the shops, with a slightly more subtle grassy flavour and thinner and perhaps a bit woodier.
Apparently there's lots of it to forage for in Southern Europe.
We steamed a big bunch of it really briefly (after removing the woody ends).
I fed it to husband with potato/neeps cakes (made of leftover mash) and a (leftover) chicken and bacon veloute, topped with chicken scratchings made from the bits of leftover skin from Sunday's roast.

I ate mine with lovely eggs and the end of the veloute. They were supposed to be scrambled, but husband doesn't allow that kind of behaviour, so I might have to wait till he's out tomorrow evening and secretly get my scramble on to finish off the remaining asparagus.

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