Tuesday 17 April 2012

Lazy Sunday

On Sunday, we went and tasted (and drunkenly purchased) 28 wines at The Sampler's spring tasting in Islington.

In order to line our stomachs (aren't we sensible?), we first went and kebabbed ourselves silly next door at Gem.

We ate vegetabley, yogurty things to start - broad beans and aubergine.

And then chicken shish for husband and chicken kofte for me (I think I won the kebabs, but it was a close run thing).

It was all v nice, filling (and stomach lining) and cheap - exactly what was required.

Post wine tasting, we were hungry again (I know, I know - we are little piggies) so we ate some "ratatouille" that I'd cunningly prepared earlier.
Husband ate his with rice and complaints about the lack of meat.
I ate mine with Stilton.

Last night, we ate trout and broccoli. Yum.

I also finally managed to use up my Herman starter.
I made bread on Sunday evening, which was beautifully soft and had a perfect crumb and crust, but was so sweet that it couldn't really be used as bread. I didn't add extra sugar or anything - I think that maybe Herman is just too sweet a starter to use for bread. It honestly tasted of nothing more than a giant (baked) doughnut...
I'm not really sure what to do with it now - maybe I can freeze and save for bread pudding/summer pudding or similar.
I used the very final bit to make a chocolate chip slab cake, which was a whole lot more predictable.
After the terrible tragedy of having accidentally thrown away the frozen bits of my last proper sourdough starter, I think I might embark upon the task of formulating a new one.
It seems like it might be Time.

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