Saturday 28 April 2012

This Week

Oh dear...
It has been LONG since my last post, so this one is just going to be a wee catch up.

I blame the fact that the stupid BlogPress app on my iPhone is on the blink again. I've written more than one post, only to have it repeatedly fail to upload and ultimately get lost.


Anyway - here it is - I'll try to keep it brief.

On Sunday evening, I ate probably the best roast chicken that I've ever had.
It was a posh French poulet noir from the nice people at The Ginger Pig (via Hubbub), that we roasted slowly with some tasty butternut squash and other vegetables. Served with lemony mixed leaf and toasted walnut salad.

Quite a costly bird, but there is no question in my mind that he was worth it - I would definitely buy him again.
There was loads left over too - at least a day or two worth of meals and the stock is still going now.

I also made a gincake.
It was basically just a victoria sponge, flavoured with gin instead of vanilla, soaked in gin and tonic syrup and iced with a gin laced buttercream and decorated with lime zest.
It turned out better than expected - really good juicy cake and genuinely quite ginny.

Monday was a very very exciting day. After work, I schlepped over to the Ginger Pig flagship store in Marylebone to cash in my butchery class Christmas present.

We learned all about cutting up cows and I made this (currently snuggled up in our freezer, awaiting eatage) cote de boeuf.

We then ate a giant wedge of roasted rib with ridiculously creamy garlicky daupinoise

followed by an obscene chocolate studded bread (ok, ok - brioche) and butter pudding, which, as soon as I'm over the experience, I shall be attempting to recreate at home.


The class was fantastic - I really learned a lot as well as having a great time.
I'm saving up for the pig course now. And maybe the sausages :-)

Tuesday was a no-meat-recovery day. Asparagus, eggs and sweet chilli sauce. Classic.

Wednesday I had a work quiz night whatsit in the evening, which was mainly oriented around beers and champagne, but also included nibbles and mini burgers.
We didn't win, but we also didn't disgrace ourselves.

I was utterly exhausted by the time I got home on Thursday night. It was quite out of character, but I couldn't even bring myself to cook asparagus.
So I ate smoked mackerel, squidged up on some toasted Hackney Wild (with gorgeous beurre doux) with pickled rhubarb.
Not at all my usual thing, but delicious nevertheless.

And finally today.
Rump steaks from Ginger Pig (what can I say? I'm a good customer) - my actual favourite cut - so so tasty - grilled and served with a kind of ratatouille and some asparagus.

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