Wednesday 1 February 2012

Extreme Lunch Sports or A Lot of Eggs

My blogging app has been tragically broken for the last couple of days.
I've now finally resorted to a reinstall, so apologies for the slew of posts.

I was feeling greedy at lunchtime yesterday, so hit Tsuru, which is really close to my work (and, in particular, to the post room, where I'd just been to pick up my shiny new trainers) and was overjoyed to find that, for the first time EVER, they had some of their fabled scotch eggs left.
So - scotch egg katsu curry.
Extreme lunching!

Teatime was altogether duller - I didn't get home till late, so just stuck on some garlicky mushrooms to fry while I was in the shower and then dumped some soft boiled eggs on top when I got out.
I have the leftovers for lunch today - I might break into them soon - I'm inexplicably starving...

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