Tuesday 28 February 2012

Monday Eggs

I got home lateish on Monday night, so just a quick tea of husband's leftover cabbage and broccoli, enhanced with shiitake mushrooms (delicious - I'm an addict) fried up with garlic and a couple of eggs...

The eggs were free range and decent quality, but I'm afraid that Clarence Court have spoiled me with their delicious Burford Browns and Cotswold Legbars - anything else (other than fun outsized things - think ducks, geese, ostriches - or minis - quails, grouse etc) is, frankly, a little disappointing...

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  1. Oh thank goodness it's not just me who has been utterly spoiled by those Burford Brown eggs. I just ordered three boxes of them from Sainsbury's. They are so SO good. It's the first time I have really, properly enjoyed scrambled eggs in years.

    I also have the weird problem of being able to smell egg residue, after plates/bowls etc have been washed, and it's awful. To me it smells of wet dog.

    These eggs leave no smell!

    I no longer have to be terrified of making meringues.