Wednesday 8 February 2012

Half Day

I had the afternoon off work today for no particular reason.
It was nice - I should do it more often.
In fact, I mainly spent it learning Dull Things for exams later in the year, but it was nicer h even to have time to do that properly.
I also had tasty Home Lunch of egg and anchovy salad.

We ate a Day 1 slow roasted chicken.
(Am still reserving judgement on the slow roasting - the legs were nice and the bones had almost melted, but the breasts were a teeny bit dry).

And I made some rolls (a la Helen Food Stories Graves )and a cake. The cake is unphotographed as yet. I shall finish it off tomorrow evening.

Oh - and a (probably) final batch of marmalade...

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  1. Half a day off with no reason? Whatever NEXT??? Outrageous, madame.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day of it, though.

    1. It's an outrage, I agree...
      I promise it won't happen again!