Monday 6 February 2012

Stale Bread and Other Stories

On Saturday evening, there was a bit of stale bread in the breadbin and not much else to speak of...
It was nice E5 Bakehouse ciabatta too - not sure how any of that came to be left over - its usually gone within about 45 seconds of it crossing the threshold.

Anyway, trying to be resourceful, I wondered about recycling it, together with the scrapings from the fridge, into panzanella.

As ever, though, I thought of this only when we were already hungry and it was officially Too Late, so instead, I made a far less healthy, but cheeringly warmer bread salad in which everything was fried and there was black pudding. Win!

The other stories include this fishprawnsbroccolicauliflowerpuree extravaganza from Friday night,

The culmination of Swiftival/Swiftmas at lunchtime on Saturday at the unexpectedly lovely Palmers on Roman Road (unexpected more because of the location than anything else - that's clearly my underlying prejudices showing right there),

Foie gras and quail egg starter

Veal belly main

Husband's steak 'n' chips

And finally, ELSCo onglet with aubergine salad and oven chips (with mayo, obvs) last night.

Many delicious wines may also have been consumed.

Oof - it's clearly been a big weekend. I shall endeavour to subsist, from now on, on a diet if dry bread and water.
I'll start right after lunch...
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