Tuesday 14 February 2012

Tuesday Tea

Today we had a tea of things-that-you-have-when-there-aren't-even-any-tinned-tomatoes-but-you're-saving-your-valentine-steak-for-tomorrow-when-there's-a-bit-more-time...

Spicy chickpea stuff (with Chinese cabbage for me and wedges for husband).

Followed by Paul A Young salty caramel chocolate brownie, which was both extreme and delicious.
I'd have to be crazily hungry to eat a whole one on my own, but it was just right for shareage.

And look what my mystery lover sent to my office today!

Noone has ever given me flowers before - am very chuffed (and slightly embarrassed) :-)

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  1. Those brownies are insane. The first time I have ever had to stop eating a brownie halfway through. They are uber brownies.

    1. It's DEFINITELY a sharing experience...
      Or, at the very least, one to stick in the fridge and revisit at breakfast time :-)